Articles still badly using statistics!

In my quest for news to write on, I noticed a particular article that popped in my radar. It utilized the statistic that women make 82 cents per dollar that a man makes. The statistic is a classically politically charged anomaly...


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Indonesia locks up the mentally disabled!

Thousands of the Indonesians with mental disabilities were found locked in chains. This atrocity may be noted by racists as an Indonesian problem, but Western history is just as dark if not darker. The disabled and the mentally...

Too much poverty in Russia!

Recent reports have shown that over 20 million commies are living in poverty, and of course I can only blame the shadow of Communism. This news couldn’t come at a more convenient time considering that Sanders, a commie, has lost...

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Zika in Korea!

South Korea has reported cases of the Zika virus, also known as “big headed baby syndrome”, in their very own border. This news comes as bitter sweet for the Korean people, because now it’s a chance for the underground to...

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