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U.S. Tourist Detained in North Korea!

The North Korean Supreme Court (It’s a real thing, we looked it up) has sentenced an American tourist by the name of Otto Warmbier to 15 years of hard labor for violating the national law of that country. It’s a hard...

Fappening hacker pleading guilty!

The shitlord behind the Fappening has finally been caught and he’s pleading guilty to stealing passwords. He could serve between 18 months and 5 years, which is obviously an atrocity since he should be serving a life sentence...

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Too much blood in Israel!

An Israeli scientist has helped develop a method to control uncontrollable bleeding. So this won’t clean up the blood from Israel’s hands, but it surely will keep people from bleeding too much. Perhaps it will be used to save...

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Anonymous Against Trump!

Anonymous has thrown down its digital gauntlet and sworn to dismantle Donald Trumps entire campaign to prevent him from reaching el white house. “First we are going to make fun of his toupee’, I mean come on...

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Too many prayer rooms in Germany!

Three German universities have shut down prayer rooms that Muslims used, probably because they don’t like Muslims. Not sure why. There is the whole radical Islam thing, and Germany does have a history of radicals killing a fuck...

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