2015 is the first year in over 30 years that no expedition successfully reached the top of the mountain. This is a terrible event that will hopefully be broken this year. In April last year, 24 people had died in an expedition after an earthquake had left the base unstable and rocked the foundation.

Despite the human casualties, what does this say for the cultural casualties of this? If 2015 is the year that we didn’t climb the mountain, than what does this say about everything else we did? Teslas Powerwall, Chinas human genome altering, new antiobiotics. All of these now bare the asterisk saying “We did this instead of conquer nature.”

Science doesn’t take kindly to these types of throwdowns. Some scientists believe that this is a direct result of global warming. That even thought science started by saying “Fossil fuels, deal with it.” That Mount Everest became upset and angry and responded with “You can’t climb me.”

The only problem with this exchange is the fact that no one was there to climb it otherwise we would have collectively climbed it and showed that nature who is boss.

This year, for humanity and cultural relevance. We need to climb Everest and let Mother Nature know who really is in charge. (Spoilers: It’s us.)

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Ono Huigo is an amateur long distance runner who currently holds a 22-minute mile.