Greetings, this is Magnus Byargenflargen, editor-in-chief of Shart Daily. We are finally back in syndication after the take down request.

We have a lot of great news formats planned for you dear reader. I hope that with time you can learn to trust us again as the most reliable news station that doesn’t have a station.

Things have been really hard on all of us, me especially, after the divorce. Never let it be said that I didn’t go down without a fight, to quote the deposition “You can take the house but you can’t touch Shart Daily!’

With the new Shart Daily, comes new features that I think might be able to change the way we view the news.

Biggest update, is the letter of the week also containing the word of the week, chosen by me! Mr.Byargenflargen.

Word of the Week: Cuckold – The Husband of an unfaithful wife. Or in it’s alternate definition, to make a wife unfaithful, but directed at the husband. Coincidentally, the origin is french, just like her lover.

Magnus Byargenflargen writes all the blurbs for the authors at the bottom of the page because he is the best editor ever.