Hugh Hefner is selling the playboy mansion for an ass-spanking 200 million dollars. But, in order to purchase the lot, you need two things. You first need to allow Hugh Hefner to live there for the rest of his life, and you also need to promise with your whole heart that you will not succumb to the ‘Brotherhood of Hustle’ with Master Flynt.

Hugh hopes to stay at the mansion so that he will be able to pass on his talent and gifts onto someone else. The new owner of the mansion shall be inducted into the usage of their telekinesis, which will aid them in bedding ladies three to four times younger than they are. As well as the stamina it takes to party so hard every day.

But with these new powers come with new responsibilities. Just over the hill, the dark side of party occurs as the Brotherhood of Hustle regularly do raiding parties on the house. Usually the large gates, or the bouncers are able to deter them but other times. They are able to run rampant in the house and hit on ladies and stuff. It’s awful.

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