Residents of the small, industrial town of Flint Michigan all require much more iron in their diets. The mayor, is doing all he can but is swamped with coming up with solutions. Two years ago, in joint with the state of Michigan, Flint had its water supply changed from Lake Huron to Flint River.

“This was a step in the right direction, Flint River has roughly 19 times more iron in its waters than Lake Huron, but the citizens just aren’t happy.” – Local Gastroenterologist

The mayors assistant recently proposed a 2-year plan to begin daily injections of iron at the town center. The alleged ‘silver-bar’ plan will use special lapels that go on each of the residents jacket. If you have a silver bar, you are allowed one dosage of iron a day.

“We are still pushing to our goal of creating a unified magnet, to help build our human hybrid machine. Once we can become one with the machine, then we can also be one with ourselves.” The Mayors assistant told us this in secret.

At the local diner, they brought us our tinted orange glasses of water and I must admit, though Huron has that sparkle, Flint definitely has the spark.

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Dr. Babbage Chootypoo is the health coordinator for Shart Daily, he currently wears a mask when he eats, which limits his diet but not his immunity.