Brazil’s economic situation has been in turmoil with their recession going nowhere. Considering the world’s constantly in economic catastrophe, it’s not like these Brazilians can hope for some ally to bail them out.

So what’s the next option? I don’t know, how about sue six major companies for about a million dollars each? Or, at least, a couple of hundred thousand dollars. It looks like Brazil is starting to get pro-active.

What’s the excuse? GMOs. Yep, the thing that most scientists think are safe but most non-scientists are afraid of (like e-cigs and cold weather). Brazil has noticed that certain ingredients are not being labeled under Brazilian law by these six companies, so they’ve decided to do what we typically expect from American Bureaucracy, and that’s try to squeeze as much money as they can from these companies without officially bankrupting them (in case more money is needed later). How successful will Brazil be? Considering that people still believe in magic sky men and life after death, they’ll probably be left alone when probing money from the companies that provide the people with food and water. I’m sure Brazilian politicians plan on doing something very honest with that money.

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