If we know any truth in this universe, it’s that video games to teenagers is like masturbation to a teenager: ruining this child and ruining this country.

Lance Perkins, a sweet Canadian man, just found out that his seventeen year old son was racking up an eight-thousand dollar bill on his Xbox account. I don’t know much about video games, but our resident video game expert rolled his eyes when he heard it was an Xbox, and started laughing when he found out it was all on the game FIFA.

Xbox said they’d look into it, but they’re not because they don’t care. Canada isn’t doing anything about it either.

Now I’m not going to strut over to the picket line to force Microsoft to give back hard earned American dollars to foreigners, but at the same time I disagree with boys who play footballs on the TV or football when tackling gets penalized.

So all-in-all, it seems like Microsoft should step in and do the right and responsible thing but I wouldn’t bet my virginia slims on them stepping in at all.

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