Jakarta has been the victim of multiple suicide bombings and a small scale attack today. As many as six have been confirmed dead thus far and urban fighting still seems to be evident in the small city. But the question on everyone’s mind is clear: Where is Jakarta?


Here we can see a picture of google maps when it brings up Jakarta and we can see that it is… somewhere. Right in the middle of….. three different countries. I suppose Malaysia is…. well Malaysia is there twice. So I guess Malaysia is that small island in the top left and part of that island in the center. Which… I guess Indonesia is everything else?


Here’s the cut-out from Wikipedia on Jakarta. So yeah, I was right, Malaysia is that entire cut-out area and everything else collectively counts as Indonesia.

Jakarat, an Indonesian city, has been brutally attacked under what can be confirmed as suicide bombings and a small terrorist attack. To quote from the article via the Guardian:

“Militants launched a gun and bomb assault killing at least six people in the centre of the Indonesian capital on Thursday”

That’s the capital? How can a country like that even have a capital? I’m done.

Read more about Jakarta here.

Pierro Deigh has never been to Southeast Asia and ought to be more respectful.