Cryptsy is a bank-esque community for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and has recently had $4.8 million dollars stolen. The bank has come forward announcing it and explained plans but they currently have only one main suspect. The Hacker Neo.

The Hacker neo has been running amok lately, between causing general havoc and discord as well as shooting up multiple office buildings in downtown New York. He’s often times been quotes as saying:

“Wake up Sheeple, open your eyes for real!” Before doing a crazy stunt like being shot into the sky without any safety measures.

Some people hypothesize that the Hacker Neo isn’t one person but plausibly several people all pretending to be someone, a special agent who simply goes by Smith has been kind enough to speak to us:

“There is no Hacker named Neo. There is only a man and his name is Mr. Anderson, what he decides to do with this…. fake… currency, is entirely up to him.”

That was when I noticed that my cameraman had left me alone and that Mr.Smiths twin brother must have also come in behind us in the hurry. Regardless of what measures will happen, the cryptocurrency market is a volatile one that even a prominent developer in the community has abandoned. Until then, like Shart Daily’s reporters, let’s stick to the gold standard.

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Taylor Tinkers life savings were in dogecoins.