Around 15 months ago in Flint, around the time that they switched water supplies, there was an outbreak of Legionnaires disease. Initially there was a great deal of concern  about how to counter the disease and they had to look to Africa for probable counters such as Zulu or Barca brand counters, but eventually they were able to squelch it.

However, recent news ties the outbreak with the Flint water and implies that the people responsible knew the whole time. Which caused outrage among the citizens who are busy holding formation and calling down the line.

The disease has sprung up again, causing several of the infected to wear the ceremonial armor and link into the phalanx position. They create small raiding parties on outposts such as Denny’s or Wal-marts (Not in Flint However, that store was closed)

There is even greater cause for concern because they fear the disease is mutating to Spartans disease, with several of the infected kicking people in the chest and doing slow-motion acrobatics.

The officials released this statement:

“This disease will be batted down. The Navy has arrived, albeit accidentally, they were shipping for Iran and wound up here. But they are here to stay until the outbreak has been contained.”

Flint may never recover from this problem, until the water sources are switched once again, too many government funds are being allocated to switch around Denvers water policy

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