Feeling down? Do you need a long-term solution for your short-term problems? Are you caught up in wondering why your life is so terrible that you can’t realize that none of it means anything? Well, if you get terminally ill you can off yourself in Canada.

The supreme court has legalized assisted suicide under certain conditions and has given parliament some time to regulate the process. In Quebec assisted suicide’s legalization has been kicked off and the numbers are great so far.

Some people are debating these facilities quoting some moral high ground about right to die and whether or not it is the ‘right thing’ to do. But why debate the morality?

Of all the people who have committed suicide so far there, none have made the country stop working. Maybe their lives didn’t really matter anyway, the blood from our bodies end up being the oil to grease the great machine anyway. Who cares if there’s a little spillage on the way, this furnace is going nowhere.

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