Hello again, this is Magnus Byargenflargen, here again with the editor’s letter. What a great first week we’ve had back. A few budget setbacks has prevented us from coming full swing and we certainly had our fair share of hiccups, but now that my accounts have been unfrozen, hopefully we can keep delivering high volume, high quality, truth in heaping doses.

Highlights of last week was the welcome return of Angel Mann, who has been making things work despite not receiving the steady work that he/she usually received when we were in our hay day. You can see that below:

What a great video huh? 13 hours, when I first heard that I imagined that it was going to be about my deposition and how I lost custody of the kids and the house. But, it doesn’t matter, the news is a tireless effort, sleeping in the office is the most optimal decision!

But enough about my overwhelmingly positive comeback, here’s the word of the week:

Hollow: Which means having an empty space (e.g. chest cavity.) Or Hollow can have mean having a depression, or hollow can be more abstract such as in the sentence “His life was hollow now that he only works at his failing news  business organization.”