There have been several warnings in Quebec about an abandoned bulk carrier in the middle of a prominent lake. They fear that if they don’t act quickly the bulk carrier is going to break up.

The response from bulk about the ordeal has been silent but carrier has been more than vocal about it:

“Bulk is a f****** piece of s*** and he knows it, day in and day out, I ask when are we moving out of this water and he remains silent as the day he was born, you know the stoic type-”

She later went on to yell multiple expletives before we left, bulk has still said no word. Though it’s nothing but troubled waters if this bulk/carrier decides to break up, the contents of their bad relationship would spread throughout most of the ecosystem forming bad bonds with the environment.

The local authorities are opting for a ‘couples therapy’ type resolution but most of the residents have been quoted as to saying “it was over before it started.”

More about the Bulk Carrier

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