Good luck trying to get across the San Francisco Bay Bridge yesterday from 3:30-4:30 P.M. in non-peak rush hours, because we had about 24 (arrested, thank god) protesters daisy chaining some cars together to make a makeshift wall that ended a bridge and obstructed traffic.

The protesters for some reason thought that stopping a bridge for an hour was going to bring the dead people back to life or find some sort of justice in this world, don’t they know already that there is no justice in the world? Just ask all the people working out of Rammstein airforce base where all of the American drones are going! You think the saudi children want to try and stop a bridge in America any time soon?

That’s the real problem with their so-called protest anyway. They chained themselves to the bridge and stopped traffic that way! That’s not how you build a wall! Now if some people, would do the right thing and vote for Donald Trump, he can show you how a real wall is built, not some pile of flesh and four-door sedans with a flimsy chain running through it.

The protest was an absolute failure, aside from making headlines from (much more reputable*) news sources, all they’ve really seemed to have done is just upset people who are just trying to go to work, next time they should just tattoo “Look at me.” and parade around the Chinese theater when a new movie comes out with all the other Hollywood posers and attention grabbers.

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Charlie Countryguy has been doing his thang for a long time and no man, woman, or child gon’ stop that.

  • *Note added by editor