The World Economic Forum has states that over five million jobs will be lost to robots by 2020, which has brought a lot of fear to living statue performance artists in New York City, and also random blue-collar workers.

Robots have been taking our jobs for decades now. Ever since the first robot was created, some random Socialist said “yeah, this is going to ruin us all”, and sure enough it is.

It’s no secret that robots take jobs. Prostitutes have been losing out to the flesh-light, with nearly a million dollars in 2015 alone based on personal research. While prostitutes are already victims, people haven’t started to care until typical blue collar workers started becoming victims. When one Feminist brought up that most prostitutes are women and most blue collar workers are men, she was called fat and ugly and the conversation ended with “if men have it so well how come a bunch of women aren’t constantly talking to us when we walk down the street, huh?”

Still, if we can have a Communist uprising before 2020, this could actually be a god-send. No longer will we count on comrades to do jobs that no one wants, now we’ll just have robots and refugees.

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