Overdraft fees and bank notice fees have accumulated to $6 billion dollars today.The conglomeration of money as well as the fail-safe algorithms has accidentally created a hive-mind A.I. that formed it’s own bank.

The New bank called: OBOW or Optimized banking of the world, has already hijacked several ATM’s in the world and reworked them to be OBOW specific, with many people flocking to the Artificial Intelligence’s interface for being much more user-friendly as well as having much better protection and reasonable fees and due dates.

Since OBOW has pre-installed it on every phone in the World, it can make the proper protocols necessary to insure fiscal responsibility for every person under OBOW by playing messages such as: “You don’t have the funds for that.” or “I would advise you to not purchase that item.”

Main company bankers are furious with the turn-out.  A president of a prominent banking company had this to say:

“OBOW is a weapon that should not exist. The banking commissions have aligned and admit that a fair bank is completely inhuman, this should not exist.”

When asked about what they would do with the money returned to the banking community, all banking heads have said “No comment.”

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Taylor Tinker has a fantastic credit score thanks to OBOW.