Scientists have found the 9th planet hiding behind Pluto. Although it is not officially confirmed, it is highly suspected to be completely true. If this is true, the implications are astounding.

Firstly, with the arrival of Nibiru also comes the arrival of Cthulhu and Yog’Sothoth. Who will, with the help of the necronomicon as well as elder stones will be able to come back to our Earth and return to being our supreme rules.

We, tiny humans have little understanding of the true aspects of this reality and when Nibiru crosses betwixt us and the sun, the shadow times shall return.

When those times arrive, it would be best for us to kneel down and wait. Sacrifice as many virgins as we can and let our mouths rest agape in anticipation for the reception of the old gods favor.

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Babbage Chootypoo is waiting, the world is waiting, what are you doing.