Vietnam has reported that China has moved a large oil-rig into contested waters and that it would be a breach of Maritime Channel Control laws. Once again it is mildly annoying to Vietnam but everyone else in the world are just far enough to where it doesn’t feel like their problem.

To give a quick recap: all of the asian countries took long pieces of duct tape and spread them across the room saying “This is mine, you can’t cross this.” Which everyone agreed.

But then China became really strong and so big that all the other asian countries couldn’t do anything when big China puts their finger in the others faces and says “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.”

To which the big kids in the European Union and America are really busy trying to drive the car. The EU takes the time to turn back and say “I will pull this car over and spank you so hard!” To which China will usually stop and apologize sweetly and then charlie horse the other asian countries into crying.

So now, the only real thing to do is to give them a warning one more time, or do what they should have done a while ago and pull the car over.

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