I’ve noticed quite a lot of articles on oil being so cheap that it got me thinking “hey, I should write an article about oil being cheap.”

Like, it’s cheaper than the barrel it’s in, it’s cheaper than cauliflower, it’s cheaper than a Lamborghini, it’s cheaper than my garage, and it’s even cheaper than knowledge (until Sanders is president, of course).

I can’t think of anything better to write about right now than that cheap oil. When has this ever even happened? Gas being cheap? Come on, what’s going on here?

And this is a good sign for the future. Clearly oil is only going to get cheaper. This is a sign of wonderful things to come. Why would the prices go up? Sounds stupid to me.

Also, we’re going to start fighting ISIS in Afghanistan. Don’t know why I said that…

Blanket Man somehow gets into the system. I really don’t offer this guy jobs.