A tech company named Brave Software, are looking to put a great many of us out of business by creating a browser that is by default advertisement free. This is a great step forward in people accepting content without paying for it.

However, for tiny news firms trying to get their starts again, especially after say a long hiatus and a troublesome divorce. Let’s talk about Ad-Blocking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to skip a YouTube Ad in the beginning before and in the past, especially when my little girl, who I only get to see for weekends) is playing that damned Justin Bieber song for the second hour in a row.

But, if you would be smart about your adblocking experience. It would really make our lives here at Shart Daily just a little bit easier. Nobody wants to be a bizzy-boddy, especially me. But please, I’m begging you here. I’m paycheck to paycheck. Whitelist our page.

Sincerely, Shart Daily Editor. Magnus Byargenflargen

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