Silicon Valley is the Mecca of startups and tech businesses. But what happens if everyone who loves Mecca stays in Mecca?  Mecca dries up and becomes a blood bath.

The fact is that they are just plum running out of ideas. “What if we make an app, that dogs use, for when they want food?” The interns stood for a moment, then they stared at the man who used to intern at Apple for a little bit (i.e. their god.) The former intern gave the thumbs down and the idea man was torn from limb to limb.

Six-room Houses are actually being filled to upwards of seven people, most of the tech people are making statements like “Stifling” or “National Emergency.”

One tech company has an idea for a ‘mobile’ sleeping home, turning a mobile home into a low-rent easy place to sleep and/or code if they decided to do it. “Look man, a lot of people just need their space, and if we can offer them that for $40 a night, then we will. Check out our app.”

However, it is not a bad time to be working as a barista, because the amount of espresso that runs through that place would craft an estuary so deep it would resemble Steve Jobs’ brows.

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Taylor Tinker has made a tiny app, it’s literally an app that makes things tiny in your camera. Super cute.