In light of the Bernie Sanders campaign, a modest man trying to change the system from within, it turns out major companies are coming to terms with the uselessness of having post-graduates in their work force.

They aren’t necessarily opposed to graduates, they just don’t care. It’s like being vegan or a “nice guy”. What they care about are communication skills, adaptability, digital skills, etc. What do graduate courses teach? Mostly none of that stuff.

The whole purpose in getting a Masters or PhD was to look better than other applicants, but if you just look expensive and like a know-it-all, you’re probably not going to stand-out.

Education is an interesting investment considering we have the internet. It’s starting to become a formality, and Capitalism is adapting to that mistake. Of course, if education is truly free (and not Obamacare, where everyone will be forced to pay tuition or pay a tax fee), then this won’t really be an issue, which still makes Bernie Sanders the #1 contender, since Trump isn’t offering a plan to offer decent paying jobs to all Americans. Pretty sure he just hates brown people.

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