Hello again loyal reader, once again I am Magnus Byargenflargen, editor of ShartDaily.

We’ve had a good week, more news stories than we know what to do with and Jim Stickman is doing his best to overcome his crippling agoraphobia to show up in the newscaster room every… two days?

We are starting to turn a marginal profit here and that is good, so far I’ve been paying all of our journalists in food stamps and promises of a better future.

We are launching two new video series’ this week: Tech tips with Taylor Tinker and Inside Celebrities with Harry Buhte. These videos will be coming out Mondays and Wednesdays to compliment the great work Angel Mann has been doing on Fridays.

We are working to uphold our right to distribute the unfiltered truth to the world and we look forward to our future with you. Despite our own personal dealings, Shart Daily has a great amount to come forward with too. I have to maintain all of these articles and give them my stamp of approval, not unlike my children who I don’t get to see too often.

The Word of the Week is “Custody.” Which usually refers to the idea of Child Custody or where the child gets to stay, even if it’s with the option that is less preferred by them. Maybe the child would like to go to the fathers instead of the mothers everyday instead of every other weekend like agreed. Custody can also mean within the control of (i.e. An editor is in the custody of his paper. Just an example.)