Harvard is pushing forward the limits of Artificial Intelligence. They are currently set in to creating an A.I. that can supersede the limits of the human mind. In this article we are going to meet with them and see what they’re up to.

The door to the facility has nyancat on it, but its face is slightly plagued with robotic elements. The squeamish man opens the door, eyes deep sunken and bloodshot beckons us in.

“Hey there guys, we’re the A.I. team.” They stand next to each other with a horizontal longcat streatching across all of their cheap sweaters.

TT: So you are working on making it faster than the human mind?

H: Yeah, we’re wanting to have it be faster than the human mind.

TT: How are you testing and making these limitations breachable?

H: We are focusing on building a suitable algorithm to mimic human thought, and to do that we are doing side by side documentaries and cat videos.

TT: What a strange curriculum to emphasize.

H: Well, it’s working, we personally are learning a great deal but as of recently we are having a little bit of a problem focusing.

He laughs nervously and looks at the other members of the team who are forcing a smile. The main scientist scribbles something down and palms it to me.

H: I’m sorry we’re very hard at work here, we will have more concrete results in a few weeks, how about you come back then?

Before I could say anything I was rushed out the door, stuck in the cold with only my cameraman we open the note which read: “It lives. It thinks. It worships cats. God help us.”

It is wonderful to see workers in a scientific department have such a great sense of humor about themselves. We left a note on their door reading: “Ha ha ha, meow. I get it. See you in a few weeks.”

As we were leaving we heard a cacophonous cry of cats and laughed to ourselves as the lights turned off. Can’t wait to hear more from them.

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