So the supreme court has aligned itself with maintaining the death penalty today in an upsetting appeal. I think they are absolutely right.

You know what that quote is: “An eye for an eye.” Well that applies 100% especially when you are talking about murderers and rapists and tailgaters. There are some scum in this world who just do not deserve to live in the same society as us.

We can’t trust that people will be able to learn from their mistakes and become good people. It’s just not possible. Look at me and the wagon. I’m on and off the booze so many times that I don’t think I’m meant to stay sober.

Even after my 2nd DUI when I lost the rights to my truck and thus my trailer home. I thought it was over until I realized that if I yell my opinions loudly, people will pay me good money to hear it.

You know what makes me optimistic for the future? Donald Trump. Donald Trump knows that people are evil and bad and that there are no guys and what is a prison if not four walls put next to each other and we all know how well Donald Trump is able to build walls.

Anyway, I’m glad it stays, it’s the mark of a true nation if we acknowledge the fact that Death is a valid form of punishment for a person no matter what the circumstances are. People like that don’t deserve second chances because it could just cost us more lives!

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Charlie Countryguy was sober when he posted this, but not when he wrote it.