The official Drone Racing League or (DRL) has begun and is sweeping up parts of the nation. Many people are flocking to this as being one of the best racing events to see of the modern age.

ESPN has had this to say on the matter:

“Another sport in which there is less camerawork and less chance for injury than actual sports?”

It was hard to make out all the words as he was eating an excessive amount of red goop from a collapsed NFL helmet. The CEO would not inform us as to the contents of the helmet but we assumed it was soup so that we could better sleep at night.

“But the real question, would we want them to be a part of the network?”

A pitch black tentacle slithers from under the table, grabbing a small puppy and bringing it to the gaping maw of the CEO who devours it hastily.

“You bet we would, we would love to have such a hopeful sport be a part of our organization.”

We shook hands and he stared into my soul and in my mind latin words came across my vision and I knew then. ESPN is greatly considering it, but assume that to be hearsay.

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Scott Tick hasn’t been able to eat for a few days, he did however adopt a puppy.