Wiz Khalifa, founder of KK (Khalifa Kush), has been going to town on Kanyes New Album via Twitter. Kanyes stupid ass new album title ‘WAVES’ has been having Khalifa ripping into it left and right.


This eventually went beyond just making fun of Kanye for making stupid ass album names and moved onto him blatantly copying some other rappers style (J’ACCUSE!)


However, Kanye, the King Yeezy is all to himself like “Peasants gonna bitch about peasant shit.” But like all to himself right. However, Khalifa be tweeting about KK and shit, but to Wiz that’s like that kush lifestyle, that weed, that gucci shit. But to Kanye, he all like yo that’s Kim dowg! So he just sprays some venomous type shit.


But Wiz, he all stoned and shit and is all like “Can’t phase me son!” But Kanye sees through that and he’s thinking to himself “Yo, that abstract back-handed compliment!”


But that isn’t going to stop Kanye, Kanye isn’t going to make this fight about him, he’s going to make it about Kanye. Because who can talk about Kanye better than Yeezy or Mr.Waves? Nobody.


Kanye bows out like that, ending it on the classic ‘anime-style’ “Ha, I was hiding my secret power the whole time.” Before eradicating Wiz and his cool pants off the face of the planet. What did Wiz have to say about this?


And like that, the feud was over. Did I skip some details? Yeah. But so did they, there were few rebuttals and some thirty tweets by Kanye, most of it being him speaking in tongues (It’s a gospel album after all.) But thank god nobody got shot.

All Images supported from the thread on /r/HipHopHeads, created by /u/dhaft88

Harry Buhte did extensive research to properly write this article.