1. You get the best of both worlds. Think about all the free drinks you can get while also getting your dick sucked.

2. Gender isn’t real. Why would you have something that isn’t real? It’s 2016; get real.

3. You’ll get laid. No one wants to be with a reactionary. Progressives get laid, so start being one.

4. You’ll be philosophically pure. Philosophers like truth and shit, so if you’re true to yourself you’ll understand that society told you you’re gender x. You don’t have a gender, so stop letting society control you.

5. You’ll get more followers. Binary people are just not that interesting.

6. You’ll probably not shoot up a school. I’ve yet to hear of a non-binary person shooting up a school. Just saying.

7. You’ll out-do your gay brother. Remember how your family reacted to your brother coming out? Well, guess how they’re going to react to you giving up on gender.

Bugsy Feesy always tucks it, no matter what they’re doing in the bathroom.