YouTuber Cr1t1kal’s reaction to The Fine Bros Announcement.

The Fine Bros have made an announcement recently about how they’re going to outsource their sub-par work to foreign countries to make profit off of their hard work, with little to no additional effort. By lending their ‘original format’ (see: Vh1 and MTV) to the contractors, they are allowed to borrow ‘a small fee’ (read as: their predetermined percentage) of all of the ad revenue from the work they had no hand in making.

Near the end of the video the Fine Bros took a moment to rally their viewers with a rousing speech about ‘standing up for what’s right’ about other YouTubers stealing their reaction video format and to admonish those who don’t conform to FBE’s regime.

“Totalitarian Regime. Putting content creators out of work. Making money off other peoples hard work. Did somebody leak our contractual fine print? Because they were supposed to sign an NDA.” Satan, one of the CEO’s of machinima said this in an impromptu interview with us earlier today.

“Our lawyers are looking into it day and night, literally, they signed the contract too, I might let them see their family Monday. But, we might settle out of court if FBE would give us a percentage of their revenue for blatantly copying the business principles that are clearly tattooed on our lower backs.”

As of today, no official word has been sent out by Machinima, but it appears that they are settling out of court for a sort of ‘amalgamation principle’ to form their own network outside of YouTube called “Where creativity dies.”

Taylor Tinker is deathly afraid of this article. He might have written a phrase so vague it causes a DCMA.