CW has just announced that they are bringing eSports to their channel.

ESPN is already running Halo as an eSport.

Here we have two opposing fronts for eSports on national channels and they are wriggling against each other. ESPN is definitely going to aim itself for the giant balls of eSports by holding down Halo and will probably pick up CoD or BF as a national eSport.

The CW will probably go on the MoBA front, which would be surprising if they didn’t at least nod at the possibility of Infinite Crisis, considering how many WB/DC shows are run on that network.

But what does this mean for what eSports are and who they cater too. While not a sport in the conventional sense, it definitely has the competitive demographic that ESPN would bare. But what does it mean to show it on the CW? Are the CW doing a brand overhaul ever since Supernatural was a hit? No more Gilmore Girls. Pretty Little Liars are beginning to die down.

How long will it be until there is a Pretty Little Liars MoBA? Would a combination of markets be possible?

Scott Tick doesn’t understand how any of this stuff works, where’s the football?