The ever popular series now has a third film that’s been released and surprise surprise, it’s just as racist as the first two.

Kung Fu Panda has been a film about Jack Black playing a panda that knows kung fu. Like The Last Samurai, the film aims to teach Americans that the white man is the chosen one, even in countries filled with non-white people.

The only thing that makes this film worse than The Last Samurai is the fact that it’s supposed to be for children. How is racism and cultural appropriation suitable for child entertainment? This implies that little white kids like to pretend to be ninjas or something, which would only make me sick since good white parents aren’t supposed to encourage that racist behavior.

Kung Fu Panda gets a 3/10, only because the choreography was amazing and I do love a good fart joke.

Toby Onatubee skipped the second Panda, something to do with Prime numbers.