Today is a brand new day of a brand new month. Here’s the news among the staff here at Shart Daily. Not a crazy amount of videos went up last week, we lost our resources briefly in a scuffle with Google, but we are currently renegotiating our contract at the leverage of three of their employees (not looking good for us.) So we could possibly lose all of our funding for this project, which would be terrifying.

Other than that, we’ve had a boisterous and productive week, with our website breaking off into the +200 views, which may not seem like a lot, but it isn’t, but it is also the best we have so we’re optimistic.

If you get the chance you should private message some of us as ShartDaily in Voat and Reddit and we highly encourage you to link some of our top-grade articles to the websites as they are not very interested in us posting links to ShartDaily as ShartDaily, something about self-promotion. But let’s be honest, if I wanted to talk about my personal life all the time I’d bring up how I haven’t seen my kids in 2 weeks or had a decent meal in 3.

How about that word of the day? Paranoia: Paranoia means when somebody believes a specific person or the whole world is out to get them. Such as stacking financial instability, copyright insecurity and familial impossibility would make a man suspicious that the world around him is certainly acting against him. Example: “Trotsky was suffering from Paranoia until it was proven true when he was assassinated by his former partners.”