Facebook has announced that they will be adding features into their social media platform to help friends better schedule and organize rides when planning events or setting destinations. Such ride-sharing options will not be impeding on peoples personal information in anyway.

One of the bonus features that have not yet been discussed fully are the ‘boost’ options you can do for larger events. If you’re going out with a large group of friends and you happen to be ‘that creepy guy’ that can’t take a hint from the girl you dig, you can now boost your ride availability so that Chester, the hot young entrepreneur that your obsession is into, will appear to be unable to give her a ride.

“Hey, we’ve all been that guy. So why not be able to help that guy out. By adding the boost feature, we are able to take all of that revenue and help pay it forward to Planned Parenthood, because they need all the support they can get.”

Some people view this statement as spin, utilized to retrieve the support of the female demographic on the matter who have been resolute in their standpoint of “Ew, not that guy, his car always smells like Fritos.”

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