1. Men are in charge. No they’re not. I mean, yes they are, but they shouldn’t be, even on a metaphorical level.

2. Video games are for boys. No they aren’t. They’re for everyone.

3. Misandry is real. NO, you can’t be sexist towards men. Sexism is defined as “being sexist towards women.”

4. Penises are better than vaginas. Obviously they aren’t. It would be cool to write your name with your pee, but that just makes being a woman more interesting.

5. God is a man. No, God doesn’t exist.

6. Classism is the root of all oppression and shall be the number one issue to take down. No, sexism is.

7. Psychology is a real science. Fuck off with that shit, no it’s not. Sociology, though, now THAT’S science.

God damnit Bugsy Feesy, stop uploading your articles without review!