So I decided to do a little bit of research this morning and investigate this whole “Police Brutality” thing and in my research, I have found countless articles and scientific studies that people in the police force are getting dumber and dumber, with one study specifically rating Police Officers as being “Stupid as Shit” or “Dumb as Hell” depending on the actions.

First we have this story here of an ex-Philadelphia police officer who had his house broken into by police officers, was assaulted and cuffed because of an alleged counterfeit of two ’10-dollar’ bills.

This cop on a traffic stop decided to beat this man senseless and eventually received 13 months to 10 years in prison. The man whom he assaulted was left there bloody and upset, but the officer had the good graces to ‘apologize’ at least, which I googled on the urban dictionary and discovered is cop slang for “I got caught, when I’m out, I’ll beat you again.”

This one shows how high up the stupid branches go, when they catch these police officers on camera beating up these people and the POLICE CHIEF HIMSELF goes out on the record as saying “Nah man, that video is clearly fake.” Fake?! Who’s going to go out of their way to fake a video of police brutality involving specific information including badge numbers and specific faces of people on the force? Whoever would apply that much energy into a fake video is probably not the kind of person who would attack the police officers in a claim like that in the first place!

You know what we need? We need a leader who can bring us out of this dark period, since (most) of the police officers in America are too dumb as shit to be able to tell right from wrong, we need a great leader to bring order to the Justice system. We need a man like Trump who can set up walls surrounding all police buildings that only let out ‘good’ cops on a ‘donut’ rating system.

Charlie Countryguy is fed up with all the brutality, even though he claims to be ‘Not the demographic for police brutality.’