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That is Farrah Abraham. In the next 200 words I’m going to describe who this 24-year-old lady is.

First, boom, known for being on 16 and Pregnant during its first season, she was impregnated by her self-described “love of her life.” Love of her life dies in a car accident and she has the kid.

Next she has the kid and is followed by the new series Teen Mom which follows her in her everyday life of being both a teenager and a mom (#struggle)

In 2012 she releases an album about her life of being a teenage mom who has the love of her life die in a car accident and a memoir of her 20-year old life, both of which turn out to be not very good.

2013, she strikes gold by starring in a sex tape that is dubbed a celebrity sex tape because being pregnant and having tragedy strike your life now equates to being talented and worthy of fame.

Now she’s living in a post-celeb life by starring on Celebrity Big brother and Couples therapy, no longer about her and her struggles in life but her life as a celebrity.

Harry Buhte is a fact checking machine.