Gmail, the most popular mailing service for electronic mediums, is redundantly now the most popular electronic mailing service with 1 billion active users. That’s a seventh of the world population, statisticians confirm.

This very article, in fact, was delivered to my editor via Gmail. Fuckin’ crazy, right?

What’s next for Google? No one is quite sure, but some folks have said that somehow mixing porn with email will be a thing. But not just a subscription service, no, something so creative and groundbreaking that I don’t even have the time to make it up. Just trust me on it.

Also, what’s the deal with chrome books? I’ve slammed that shit on the ground over and over again and I can still use it. Is it just me or is google becoming Skynet, forming their own indestructible army? I don’t know, I’m just Blanket Man.

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Blanket Man, like most employees of Shart Daily only use AOL and Netscape