The feminazis are at it again, this time they’re going after the news.

As we all know, feminists hate facts, and what provides more facts than anything else? The news, which is why it’s their next target for decimation.

Some lady came out with a study, and surprise surprise, the study, made by a lady, says that ladies are being discriminated against in the news. Too many pictures of attractive women. Oh great, now the news has to post more ugly chicks just to ease the hurt feelings of feminists that no one finds attractive.

The study consisted of a system of analysis that was TOTALLY not biased or set up in a certain way to have a specific outcome. Heck, I bet every Feminist that fairly analyzes her method of study will magically decide that it was a completely objective study.

The news isn’t sexist, folks. Alright? I don’t know what these bitches are all whining about.

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