The movie-viewing website ‘Popcorn Time’ has been removed from the internet and it’s code has been deleted from GitHub. The MPAA has stepped in with legal action in order to take down the website.

“The reasoning is this, every time I’ve logged onto Popcorn Time, I’ve never received popcorn, I’ve only just watch a bunch of movies that I never would have bought a movie ticket to go see anyway.”

With world hunger still being an issue for the world, websites like Popcorn Time, that exist in the digital age, have to be careful of what they promise people. Most third world countries cannot afford Popcorn, so in order to receive some they would have to resort to third party retailing sites where they can retrieve popcorn on a discount or even free.

Which brings the real question to the front, who is to blame here? Is it the website itself for presenting a false claim or is it the creators of the popcorn themselves who are constantly increasing prices and inflating the budget of the popcorn?

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Taylor Tinker doesn’t like it when the kernels get stuck in his gums.


Update: Nevermind.