A lady in the Miami-Dade area has pulled over a police officer in order to question him on his speeding and whether or not he was justified in doing so. The police officer, listens to her voice and doesn’t break for a minute and a half.

For those of you who haven’t watched the video, please proceed with caution because hearing her voice will make you slap your forehead repeatedly or close the video. One of the two, if not both options will occur, depending on your threshold of pain.


The above graph shows how her voice starts low and then sustains an ear-stabbing pitch throughout the video. Several times in the video you can see the Police Officer wincing in pain but he succeeds in the trial.

Once the officer returned to his department, he was awarded a certificate and informed that the lady was in fact a robot designed to be as terrifyingly annoying as possible. We passed by a previous test-taker for his opinion, he looked disheveled and malnourished.

“You have to write your questions out, I cut my ears off.”

He then smiled and ran into traffic where he promptly died.

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