Reports have come in showing that LinkedIn shares have dropped 40%! How could this be possible? How could it be that the extremely popular and in no way ANNOYING LinkedIn is losing interest?

Here’s how! (Rant Mode: On) The site sucks! Nobody wants a facebook/G+ for just working and building a resume and a network! Nobody changes jobs that much and nobody is that reliant, most of us reasonable adults carry something called a resume on hand! You know? Like on paper!

Also, you know who actually uses LinkedIn? Sociopaths. People who are completely set on ‘network’ building, like building relationships with people is some sort of task or activity that should be actively pursued as opposed to spontaneously developed. Instead we now have people roaming around, being pretend friends because they want to make sure that their resume ends up looking nice when they apply for LEHMAN BROTHERS! Here’s a hint, if you have horns, they’ll hire you. (Rant Mode: Off)

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