PayPal has begun to cut funding sites that will directly support programs and apps that override the geo-restrictions that Netflix puts in place. These apps fundamentally disrupt the basic algorithms and deals that Netflix puts in place and are a macroeconomic ordeal that some people feel they have the right to override simply because they can’t wait the two months until MythBusters comes back.

But there are other apps in the crossfire here that are getting the axe by proxy, here are a few:

TitFinder, the app that searches through all of the Netflix cues you have and directly starts you at the point where the maximum boobage and or nudity is occurring.

HarrisonFinger, the app that directly links you to when Harrison Ford is pointing in a movie and the other one HarrisonFace, where it will link you to every tightlipped grimace he pulls.

Finally, the last app to get the axe is Swear-O-Matic, where they highlight and rank the best strings of insults or swears that you can find in your native cue for Netflix.

It is a big tragedy when apps such as ‘DickorBalls’ get shut down because a few bad eggs had to spoil the whole bunch.

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Taylor Tinker is a huge fan of secondary apps and programmed his own called ‘BrandNameGame’