Amazon have had accusations flung at them for unfair working conditions or extreme work load. Which has been cited as having ‘seen multiple people cry at their desks.’ What could it mean for the companies image in the eyes of the public? We went on the street to find opinions:

“My two-day package arrived in three days, they can stand to work a little harder.”

“IF they didn’t want to work in the Amazon, maybe they shouldn’t have left America.”

“It’s a capitalist market, if they don’t like the conditions, maybe they shouldn’t cash their paychecks, f****** slackers.”

The last man said as he was sipping his latte and walking into a wall-street building. The fact of the matter is this, if people are thinking the working conditions are unfair, they are clearly not ready to work in that environment and should step-down.

There are so many, personality-devoid, friendless, insane sociopaths right there who are looking to jump into the psychotic world of business and throw down for 80+ hours a week for expected $13 hour pay. So if you have a problem, step down and let the maniacs take it.

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Magnus Byargenflargen seldom writes articles, because they are pure gold and that ain’t cheap.