Reddit has had several claims leveraged against them stating that they are now censoring posts and communities based on a country specific block. These have been met with a widespread hate mail that lasted for about 10 minutes until focus was brought on, once again to the Fine Bros for being morons or possibly a cat video.

Through thorough research and international communication we have been able to find some of these censorships.

China has banned /r/BigDickProblems as well as /r/Technology.

North Korea has banned /r/Happiness and /r/Outside.

Austrailia has banned most subreddits and placed heavy censorship on most images found through any of the available subreddits.

When we tried to contact the Reddit offices we encountered a problem that we could not foresee. The secretary we met, her name was Jennifer, had her mouth blurred and her words beeped. When we tried to communicate she seemed exasperated before breaking down and crying, her being on her knees caused her to be completely censored.

All throughout the office was a mixture of blurs, beeps and bars over everything. We were destined to find the CEO at the upper office and moving past everyone was easy because since we were not employees they would just be censored into a coma. When we entered the office we found the CEO wearing a ‘snoo’ mask being crucified above his desk, his head slowly lowered and a slip of paper fell out of its mouth. The paper unfolded into an upvote. We don’t quite know what any of this means.

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