Regression is a movie starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson about a Satanic cult sexually abusing women for ritualistic reasons.

Now, the movie is decent, directed by the guy that did The Others (a movie so popular because it pulled a Sixth Sense), but it definitely gets sex abuse wrong, which is a shitlord move.

First of all, Satanists don’t rape people. That’s never been a thing. It’s been a myth, which the world seems to love, but it was never real. You know what religious leaders DID rape people? The Catholic priests. Yeah, remember that shit? Why is that whenever we see movies about Satanic cults instead of just a bunch of goth kids talking about Existentialism we get these profound warlocks conjuring demons by raping virgins? Doesn’t anyone else, at this point, find that a little unrealistic? Wasn’t Ethan Hawke in a movie about a demon being fed through ritualistic sacrifice? Is this part of his master plan to divert attention from the religions of the world that ACTUALLY cause horror and devastation to real people?

I don’t know, maybe he’s just a good actor doing shitty movies. It happened to Will Smith (no, I don’t mean “so good he should be in a Paul Thomas Anderson film”, I just mean not unbearable to watch).

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