Hackers have recently broken into the personal files of people working in Homeland Security and the Justice Department. Such a gross oversight of cyber security has launched an in-house investigation as to whose jurisdiction was exploited.

Among the files taken were several hundred dick pics that coworkers were sending each other.

“I thought it would be funny to send a picture of my clit to Roger in accounting because I know he would see it anyway if he really wanted to. Still not changing our dinner plans for tonight, but still, I don’t want people to see my personal business.”

Such leaks have also shown several judges college report cards exposing multiple ones of them who have had to repeat classes or those who took pottery classes and apparently they have all been sent clay repeatedly.

“The amount of porcelain dicks that I receive in the mail, is obscene. I don’t even know where to put them anymore. The papparazzi have been flooding my house and are posting pictures of me holding shiny dicks near my face all over.”

Such a gross invasion of privacy for those in government should not be tolerated while the rest of us have already become used to the idea of other people seeing our goodies.

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Drew American regularly sends dick pics to everyone in the office, for feedback.