The Border Force chief has made a statement that the immigration detention center is not a good place for children. A bold statement by a man surrounded by people that actually disagree with him.

Don’t get me wrong, we need to secure our borders. I mean, how else will we keep track of people coming in here? Everyone in America needs to be tracked by the government, I’m pretty sure we’re all on board with that one.

But putting kids into places worse than prison? Come on now. At least in regular prison the correctional officers see you as an American, or as they call them, human beings, but in an immigration prison (or ‘detention center’) they’ve yet to achieve that title because, you know, they were born somewhere else so fuck them.

Yes, detention centers are short lived causing some to argue that emotional trauma (like a ten year old thinking that this will be the rest of their life and going into a dissociative state to avoid the fear of being beaten for a misunderstanding due to not speaking the same language as the person keeping you locked in a cage) is not a bid deal, but still…

I don’t know, maybe I just don’t think that kids should suffer the racially fueled xenophobia until they’re 18 and ready to deal with the world they live in.

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