On the steps of an Ohio statehouse, a life was lost today. The leader of the activist group ‘Black Lives Matter’ has shot himself today. The leader of a group, that advocates living people, has shot himself in an attempt to show that their lives matter. We went down to the coroners to see what was up.

The coroner had a special tool which he was using to examine the gunk on the outside of the protestors head:

“Here you can see, contusions due to overwhelming pretentiousness, an excess of irony and here in the self-awareness, absolutely nothing there. Also, a great portion of the head is missing, from the gunshot.”

After that he took a moment to open several racks that he claims are linked to the case. Over and over, multiple collapsed heads were shown with eyes popping out with a gunky discharge. Most of them decaying further than need be I asked “Why are they still here?”

“Nobody wants to deal with the bodies, but this is a real issue, as opposed to whatever they are debating out there.”

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