Scientists in charge of Astronomical physics stuff have recently discovered that there is a galaxy only 250 million light years away from the Milky Way, which is closer than your typical estranged galaxy.

The report is that the reason why we’ve never seen this galaxy before is because our own galaxy was actually in the way. A likely story.

Of course they would wait until now, when we’ve got the internet and shit, to tell us that there’s another galaxy close by. We were going to catch on eventually, so they might as well pretend that they’re our allies (I’m talking about Astronomers, scaled bastards).

What is in this galaxy? Probably Area 51, which is why I’ll be taking pictures of the sky for the next couple of weeks to try and get a better idea. The government will probably try to stop me by pretending to be my neighbors complaining about me in their backyard… again.

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