Kanye West has been sent a category 5 shit storm for his tweet remarking: “BILL COSBY INNOCENT!!” Despite being misinformed and a definitely incendiary statement, what does this say about Kanye’s health?

Kanye is no stranger to drumming up drama to gain the spotlight on what he’s doing. He’s not exactly the type of person to care about his public image as much as he is the person who wants everyone to look at him all the time. When he got in the grudge match with Wiz, it was because he was defending the title of ‘Waves’ for his album which is now called ‘The Life of Pablo” (See: Shitty Album Names.)

But now, in the midst of all of the attention (or lack there of) for Life of Pablo, we see Kanye making attention-grabbing tweets regardless of the truth regarding Bill Cosby’s (Multiple) sexual assault allegations.

Our theory is that Kim has been starving him. Kanye is one of the homo-newvus that requires a certain amount of attention before they get too thin and die. The question is, has Kanye been coasting or fasting?  These remarks and the feuds and the multiple hints at his album are all stating one thing “I’m hungry.” But, how is he starving?

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